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Benefits of buying Recruiter Connection from Millennialz

Free Profile

Paid Profile

Search recruiters on Millennialz

Follow 2 Lac+ active recruiters

Exclusive access to recruiters having confidential jobs*

Initiate direct conversation with recruiter

Expand job search to openings posted on company websites

Catch recruiter's attention with a personalized message

Follow up on your job application

Receive recruiter recommendations every Mon/Wed/Fri

Guaranteed Interview Call from Recruiters

Search our database of 1.5 Lac + Recruiters and connect with them

Key Features


Get Recruiter Recommendations
You get personalized recruiter recommendations based your profile


Verified Recruiters
We have Only Genuine and verified recruiters on Millennialz


International Recruiters
We have 5000+ International recruiters to contact


Customized Message
Send our suggested messages based on your profile & use-case

How it works?



Search in Millennialz Recruiter Database and shortlist recruiters on the basis of profile, location, or skills.



Send a message to preferred recruiters. Your Millennialz profile and resume will be attached with your message.



Recruiter will go through your profile and directly get in touch with you. If your message remains unread, you get your credit back*.

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Resume Display

Gain More Visibility Among Recruiters
Get your profile marked as ‘Featured’ and get a higher rank when recruiters search for resumes.

Get Highlighted

Jobs on Mail and SMS
Know about job openings in real time and be an early applicant
Let our experts send the best jobs for you on mail and sms. Be an early applicant and never miss out on any relevant job opening

Get Jobs on Mails and SMS

How is it useful for Jobseeker?
Proactively connect with recruiters hiring for candidates like you
Stand out from other jobseekers & get noticed by recruiters
Follow up with recruiter to get feedback on your job application
Get clarifications about existing openings
Get access to recruiters having jobs that are not publicly listed
Showcase your profile fit by highlighting your skills & achievements
Contact recruiters viewing your profile
Establish personal rapport with recruiters in your domain

Points to Remember
You cannot send a message again to the same recruiter for 30 days
You can contact a maximum of 30 recruiters in a month
Credits are non refundable with 6 months of validity
One-time credits back if recruiter does not viewed in 15 Days.
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